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Quick Facts

  • Approved on strawberries.
  • Powerful active ingredient provides long residual control, less weed drain and one of the cleanest fields around
  • Works on weeds that are resistant to glyphosate, imidazolinones and ALS inhibitors
  • Prevents a high-cost session of hand weeding
  • Low volatility and won’t damage adjacent crops
  • Can be tank mixed with other herbicides to provide broader-spectrum weed control
  • Use rate varies by crop, soil type and soil pH, always read and follow label use directions
Type Title Download
Specimen Label 01-19-10 download PDF
SDS 2015-04-17 download PDF

Registered States:


  • Grapes
  • Small Fruits
  • Strawberries
  • Tree Nuts
  • Vegetables
Broadleaf Weeds
  • Burning Nettle
  • Cheeseweed
  • Common Groundsel
  • Common Knotweed
  • Common Mallow
  • Field Bindweed
  • Ladysthumb
  • Lambsquarters, Common
  • Mallow, little
  • Mayweed
  • Morningglory, Ivy leaf
  • Nightshade, Black
  • Nightshade, Eastern Black
  • Pineapple weed
  • Prostrate Knotweed
  • Prostrate Pigweed
  • Purslane, Common
  • Redroot Pigweed
  • Shepherd's Purse
  • Smooth Pigweed
  • Waterhemp, Common
  • Waterhemp, Tall
  • Cylindrical Sedge
  • False Green Kyllinga
  • Globe Sedge
  • Green Kyllinga
  • Nutsedge, Purple
  • Surinam Sedge
  • Texas Sedge
  • Yellow Nutsedge
Always read and follow label directions.