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Shark H2O

Quick Facts

  • No required draining or lowering the water level in basins
  • Controls key broadleaf weeds and sedges, including those tolerant to ALS herbicides such as ricefield bulrush, smallflower umbrellaplant, redstem (purple ammannia or redstem ammannia) and California arrowhead
  • Applied by air with a DDA or DSA deliver so there’s no hassle using ground application equipment
  • Can be applied sooner than most competitive products
  • Less weed competition early means your rice crop gets off to a healthier start
  • Can be applied in a sequential program with grass herbicides such as Ordram®, Bolero®, Abolish® or Cerano®
  • The active ingredient is absorbed into the foliage of weeds to inhibit photosynthesis, which ultimately provides weed control
  • Registered for use in California only
Type Title Download
Specimen Label 07-28-17 download PDF
24(c) Registration CA-020007 Rice - DDA (Direct Dry Application) by Aerial Application Using Fixed Wing Aircraft Only download PDF
24(c) Registration CA-020008 DSA (Direct Stream Application) Application Made by Helicopter or Ground download PDF
24(c) Registration CA-050007 Wild Rice - DDA (Direct Dry Application) Aerial Application Using Fixed Wing Aircraft Only download PDF
SDS 2015-04-20 download PDF

Registered States:


  • California Rice
  • Rice
  • Rice - Wild
Broadleaf Weeds
  • California Arrowhead
  • Common Waterplantain
  • Giant Burrweed
  • Purple Ammania
  • Redstem Ammannia
  • Ricefield Bulrush
  • Smallflower Umbrellaplant
Always read and follow label directions.