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FMC Provides Answers to Corn Rootworm Issues


Philadelphia – Growers in Iowa and Illinois are experiencing hardship with damaged Bt hybrid corn crops destroyed by corn rootworm. With proven results and convenient applications, Capture® LFR® insecticide by FMC Corporation works to combat this issue directly.

"Currently, more fields are having resistance issues with rootworm in Bt corn," FMC Senior Technical Sales Lead Joe Reed said. "Growers must use an insecticide to protect that technology. One way growers can do that is by using Capture LFR."

With advanced soil insect control, Capture LFR is specially formulated to directly mix with liquid fertilizers and water. In addition to corn rootworms, Capture LFR insecticide provides a complete zone of protection that controls cutworms, wireworms, grubs and other seed and seedling pests. With appropriate application raete, corn rootworm can be controlled.

"With seed corn prices going up, that seed is going to be more valuable. Along with high commodity prices, the threshold for loss of stand is even lower than it has been in the past," said Reed. Capture LFR saves a grower time and money while helping to boost and protect yields.

Five years of field data averaged an 11.3 bushels per acre increase when using Capture LFR insecticide. In an Iowa corn rootworm trial featuring Capture LFR, the average bushel per acre harvested was 171. Untreated, the same fields averaged 162 Bu/A.

"You don't need a severe pest outbreak to use products to increase your yield," said Adam Prestegord, FMC product manager. "Plant health begins as soon as you open the bag of seed."

With stacked seeds showing resistance to corn rootworm, other crop pest management techniques should be focused on. Growers should look to rotating crops between corn and soybeans, which can help to combat pests. Beginning with clean fields is also necessary to increase results and decrease the chance of pests.

By troubleshooting yield limiting factors throughout the season, growers will optimize their yields, increasing returns and overall revenue.


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