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FMC Announces Launch of New Topguard® EQ Fungicide Premix


First to combine azoxystrobin with FMC’s patented flutriafol to target frogeye leaf spot, blight and other major diseases in areas facing strobilurin resistance.

PHILADELPHIA, November 9, 2016 – FMC Corporation announces the launch of a new fungicide premix called Topguard® EQ fungicide that provides long-lasting disease control and plant health benefits in corn, soybeans, wheat, pecans and more than 20 other crops.

Topguard EQ fungicide is the only premix of azoxystrobin, a strobilurin fungicide, and flutriafol, atriazole fungicide patented by FMC. This unique combination broadens the spectrum of diseases that can be controlled and offers multiple modes of action to combat disease resistance.

“Azoxystrobin and flutriafol are two of the best active ingredients in their respective classes,” says Flavio Centola, FMC soybean segment manager. “Flutriafol has some of the longest residual control in its class and is very systemic. Once applied, flutriafol is rapidly taken up by plant tissues and translocates quickly within the plant to prevent the spread of disease. Azoxystrobin offers broad-spectrum disease control and is also a strong product for overall plant health. Topguard EQ fungicide provides both preventative and curative control on a number of major plant diseases.”

Topguard EQ fungicide is registered on more than 20 crops including soybeans, corn, wheat, cotton, vegetables and nuts. See product label for more details.

The product controls a broad range of diseases including gray leaf spot, Southern rust and Northern corn leaf blight in corn; frogeye leaf spot, brown spot and cercospora blight in soybeans; leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew in wheat; and pecan scab in pecans.

In 2015, Topguard® EQ fungicide was tested in 32 trials across the U.S. in corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar beets and specialty crops. Many of the trials were conducted by universities. In general, Topguard EQ fungicide performed equal to or better than competitive standards and provided excellent crop safety. Competing brands in the trials included Quadris Top® fungicide, Headline® AMP fungicide, Quilt Xcel® fungicide, Stratego® YLD fungicide and Merivon® fungicide.

Topguard EQ fungicide trial data results show significantly better disease control on Southern rust and gray leaf spot in corn, frogeye leaf spot in soybeans and leaf rust in wheat.

More data will be available in December following the 2016 crop season.

“The data is showing Topguard EQ fungicide is an effective dual mode of action fungicide for use in a wide array of crops for many diseases,” Centola says. “Trials show its performance is competitive and in some cases superior to other fungicides in its class.”

topguard eq


Topguard® EQ fungicide with FMC’s patented flutriafol is rapidly taken up by the plant and distributed throughout the leaf to control the spread of disease. The leaf icons on the left indicate the point of application, as shown by the lighter green color.

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