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Take Stewardship and Weed Management to the Next Level


PHILADELPHIA – February 17, 2015 – Weed resistance is forcing growers to change the way they manage their acres. Crafting a year-long weed control plan is necessary to start clean and stay clean. Every field must be evaluated to ensure optimal weed management. From cultural practices to crop and herbicide rotation, there are many facets of weed management to be considered. FMC has developed an infographic that answers frequently asked questions about how preemergence herbicides fit in with best practices in stewardship. Download the PDF online:

“While applying preemergence herbicides, like Authority® herbicide, is becoming more and more common, growers should be reminded of the many benefits that come from controlling weeds before they emerge,” said Brent Neuberger, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America senior technical sales manager. “As we know, the easiest weed to control is the one that never comes up.”

Weed management begins with a timely application of a preemergence or preplant herbicide in the spring so we can start clean and the inclusion of a residual herbicide as part of a burndown program in the fall. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients, space and light. Preemergence herbicides can help to prevent early season weed growth and reduce the weed seed bed. When weeds aren’t allowed to grow, crops thrive. Preventing weeds from emerging is important because:

• Some weeds can grow one to two inches per day.

• Weeds that are four to eight inches tall can reduce soybean yields as much as six bushels per acre, even if they are completely controlled at that stage.

• Summer annuals like waterhemp and Palmer pigweed can produce up to one million seeds per plant.

“Change your mindset. It’s not as simple as it used to be so we have to reteach ourselves,” said Neuberger. “As we know, Mother Nature will adapt so we cannot overuse the same chemistry. It’s highly effective to overlap residual herbicides – multiple modes of action – to extend protection and prevent weeds from establishing.”

A singular mode of action is no longer enough to stem resistance while controlling tough and resistant weeds. Multiple modes of action are at the core of a start clean, stay clean approach to weed control. The combination of an effective preplant herbicide with effective postemergence weed control applications is the best way to protect yield and practice good stewardship.

Each grower should talk to their local ag retailer, extension weed specialist, agronomist and financial advisor to develop a year-long weed management plan that fits into their overall program. By making informed decisions and developing a comprehensive plan, growers can better manage herbicide resistance.

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