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FMC Answers Spider Mite Issues for Soybeans Growers


Philadelphia – August 3, 2012 Dry conditions across the Eastern and Midwest Corn Belt have created favorable conditions for spider mites to develop in soybeans. Growers should consider treating for spider mites before populations exceed manageable amounts. With proven results and convenient applications, Hero® insecticide, by FMC Corporation, is an effective choice to control spider mites and other key pests. 

“Due to the hot and dry conditions this year, we are seeing more spider mites in soybeans,” said Gail Stratman, FMC regional technical sales lead. “The feeding and activity of these spider mites creates additional stress for soybeans. It is crucial that we treat these soybeans and alleviate some of the stress.”

 When scouting soybean fields, begin by looking along the edges and corners of the field for bronzed leaves. Soybeans foliage infested with spider mites initially exhibits a speckled appearance. As the plant becomes heavily infested, foliage turns yellow and then bronze before the leaves will drop off the plant, leading to dehydration and ultimately, death of the soybean plant. Treatment of spider mites is needed in order to prevent the spread.

“FMC has a solution for spider mite outbreaks and the solution is Hero insecticide,” said Stratman. 

Hero provides a powerful, dual-mode knockdown on yield robbing insects. In addition, Hero provides control of bean leaf beetle, Japanese beetle and soybean aphids. It is an effective tank mix partner with fungicides, post herbicides and foliar fertilizers for greater efficiency and ease of application.

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