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Unique Formulation Hits Pests with Greater Power

The unique formulation and ternary molecular complex of Athena® insecticide/miticide ensure every drop counts. Because whether it hits the plant or the insect, all active ingredients are present on both sides of the leaf to control mites and insects with long-lasting residual activity. Learn the keys to successful pest control when you watch how Athena works.

Athena is also an excellent insecticide/miticide for cotton and potatoes.

Athena Penetrates for Two-Sided Control

Gain broad-spectrum control and uniform coverage from Athena. A true ternary molecular complex in a penetrating technology system, Athena delivers powerful performance with:

  • Uniform coverage on both sides of the leaf for maximum efficacy
  • Flexible application alone or in tank mixes, ground or air applications
  • Advanced translaminar activity to penetrate even mature dry leaves
  • Unique formulation that ensures all active ingredients in every drop

Athena insecticide/miticide puts pests in their place quickly and with longer residual activity to provide more economical control of tree nut insects and mites up to hull split.

More Information About Athena

Key Pests
  • Mites
  • Peach twig borer
  • Navel orangeworm
  • Codling moth

Other Pests
  • Leaffooted plant bug
  • San Jose scale (crawlers)
  • Fall webworm
  • Leafroller spp.
  • Pecan phylloxera
  • Lygus spp.
  • Walnut husk fly
  • Filbert worm
  • Pecan leaf casebearer
  • Redhumped caterpillar
  • Fire ant spp.
  • Aphid spp.
  • Hickory shuckworm
  • Pecan nut casebearer
  • Stink bug spp